Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Inverted or Mirror Fractal Update: GBP/USD Weekly Technical Analysis Charts

As long as 1.70 isn't negated, this fractal is in play.

Like all organisms (including fractals), they eventually reach maturity, where the rate of growth eventually reaches zero. 
This fractal has been one of enormous favor in guiding us through a strategic risk/management trade on a multi-year time-frame, but for how long will this map help guide us through the twists & turns of the Cable trade, is yet to be seen.
So, as I mentioned in the caption under the chart, any move above 1.70 (and a multi-week close above) should be satisfactory for me to discard this fractal as no longer applicable. 
For the time being, it still is a worthy map guide.
Good luck, and I hope this was profitable and educational for all.