Sunday, 10 February 2013

Inverted or Mirror Fractal: GBP/USD Weekly Technical Analysis Charts.

Stage 1: Identifying the Fractal Pattern.
Weekly GBP/USD chart on November 06, 2012

Daily GBP/USD Chart on May 25, 2012
Note: Upper & lower charts are fractals within different timezones. Lower Daily chart is the PAST historical (Price+Pattern+Time) Fractal we'll study to guide us to the most likely probable outcome, as it has already occurred.Now we 'invert' the lower daily chart, meaning turning it upside down so it 'mirrors' itself like looking into your reflection in water.

Stage 2: Identified previous historical Fractal pattern suggests price will move upwards before a sharp decline, so we identify risk/reward entry levels to take a minimum risk/return trade.

GBP/USD Weekly Chart on December 30, 2012

Stage 3: History repeats itself (Or a mirror of it)
GBP/USD Weekly Chart on January 28, 2013
Hope this example is helpful for you towards future case studies & technical analysis.


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